Why is RIP Jam Trending and the Philippine News Media Coverage

Today (March 4, 2015) a certain Filipino passed away because of cancer, Jamvhille Sebastian of the real life and social network "famous" couple called JaMich. The Philippine entertainment industry has been all over Jamvhille "Jam" Sebastian and Paolinne Michelle "Mich" Liggayu after Jam's battle against lung cancer has been made public.

Why is Jam Sebastian's battle against cancer made public?

That is the question. Why, indeed. Is it simply just because of the cancer patient's wishes to be so? We should understand that the JAMICH couple first gained popularity and notoriety by making their love story public and be a media spectacle through their various social media websites which I personally do not follow. Is it simply a matter of preference. How unfortunate are those non-celebrity status cancer patients for not having the spotlight focused on them even if they wanted it to. Guess that's just the reality of life.

Should the battle against cancer be made into a media spectacle?

Unbeknownst to our knowledge, countless of people have died or have been taken away from their families by the ruthlessness of the disease called cancer. Did these families in any way ask for television and social network coverage? I can understand if religious families and friends start asking people around them for prayers to heal (with the hopes of it working) their family member suffering from Cancer, but it is another thing to invite media to dip its dirty feet on it. I don't know the guy nor am a big fan, but should that mean that I should or the rest of the Filipino people sympathize? There are so many people dying without our knowledge. A good example is the Muslim individuals the unsung soldiers caught in the crossfire of the ongoing war from the land dispute in Mindanao. Were their deaths any less important or unimportant than Jam's death? NO, their family and friends mourned without the public knowing and sympathizing. I say let his family and friends mourn privately without the media spectacle.

A call for "political correctness" and "professionalism" in Philippine "news" media

This is an all-time low on Philippine "news" media. What contribution has Jam Sebastian made in the Philippine history and landscape that requires this much news media attention and coverage? Battling cancer? We can get stories of various people battling cancer all over the country. The Philippine news media should only take an effort to do so. Is simply because of JaMich' celebrity status the reason why you are covering them? Is this already considered news? Heck if the stupidity of the "Blue and Black vs White and Gold Dress social network argument" making the news just because it is trending, then it is only natural for news media to sensationalize this one as well, right?

A dying man's wish.

Jam Sebastian was visited by various celebrities like Vice Ganda, Kris Aquino, and Hayden Kho; and guess what, a camera crew is tailing these celebrities when they did visit the bedridden half of JaMich. How noble of these celebrities to visit and answer to a dying man's wish. I hope more celebrities can follow such terminally ill patients dying wish and for them to take time and visit all of them. Unfortunately, there isn't enough attention given to some "less recognized" individuals for them to receive celebrities sympathies and pity.

What is a news and what is newsworthy?

We can simply look for the definition of the word "news" on dictionaries or online via the usual sources (Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, etc.). Why is JaM's death needed to be covered by leading local news media is beyond me. Is the celebrity status alone makes something newsworthy?

Upon reading this opinion piece, one might misunderstood this as a JaMich hater when in reality I just don't give a darn about who or what they are. What irks me is how the whole Jam Sebastian ordeal with cancer has been abused and sensationalized by the Philippine "news" media as if the Filipino media should know or even care about the cancer tribulations of a "celebrity". Of course, this won't be all possible without the "support" of the "loving" parents. Hopefully they are also open to criticism thrown their way since they are the once who allowed media to spectate on their supposedly private lives. Good and bad comments is all fair once you open the floodgates. There is no stopping what goes in or out.

Philippine news media's sensationalism and biases

Why are they riding the waves of Jam's death. Someone's passing should not even be made public unless they contributed something noteworthy that would actually make the the majority of Filipinos care. Was he a scientist? Was he a political figure? Was he a famous icon? Was he someone who contributed something to the betterment of the country, society, or a specific industry? If the answer is an astounding NO, then why even give them a segment on you supposedly professional news website and television program? I wouldn't be even surprised if I see an episode dedicated to JaMich on infotainment magazine programs like Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho and Rated K, or drama shows like Maalaala Mo Kaya or Magpakailanman.

Let the family and love ones of the Jam mourn in private. Sympathies are expected for the families of the deceased, but you as a respected news media organization are not required to focus your spotlight on them. The country has other issues worth reporting. what happened to the SAF44 Mamasapano clash? The continuous conflict on the Bangsamoro Basic Law? What is the status of the territorial disputes of Muslims claiming most of Mindanao as theirs? What is the status of China's claiming of our territories? what happened to the NBN-ZTE Deal? What happened to the Arroyo trial? What happened to the news about Hacienda Luisita? What is the status of the Freedom of Information Bill?

I find myself loathing Philippine "news" media more and more with these kinds of bad practices, biases, and unprofessionalism.


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