Life on a Tip of a Pencil: A New Beginning

After about almost a year of trial and error in blogging, I've finally decided to create a new personal blog... but this time "Life on a Tip of a Pencil" has only one theme which is a "Personal" Blog.

- So what's the difference?

My previous blog is a combination of a Personal and Entertainment blog but this time I would mainly focus on blogging about the world around me and my takes on it. It is my small spot on the ever changing world we temporary dwell at.

- Why "Life on a Tip of a Pencil"?

Why? Because I am fund of sketching and art eventhough I am not "that" good at it. I also am a frustrated artist because instead of taking up the Fine Arts (Bachelor Art Course here in the Philippines) back in College, I took up a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology instead. I was lost in the idea that there is no income in Fine Arts, well I was wrong (and maybe they all are)... but even so my passion for the art and sketching doesn't end in the failure to take up the course. I still am continue to practice and sharpen my skill this time with the aid of I.T. and Art Manipulation Softwares to aid me in a conquest to be a (someday)well-knowned artist.

Everything I dreamed of will start in a pecil... and like a pencil my graphite might fail me but there will always be a sharpener to put me back to my majestic writing... again and again... until I have serve my purpose as a pencil.

So without further ado I would like to welcome you to Life on a Tip of A Pencil with an easy to remember and catchy url of

Hope to have more blogging friends and readers.


  1. This sure is a new start, a new beginning. But what's gonna be the difference between your blogs where I can see the difference in the themes but in banner not much. Hey feel free to drop by at - family blog and at

  2. actually it's almost the same, though this new one has the possibility of being indexed hehe, and therefore that i think is the main reason for his action.

    kapatid, let it grow and harvest the fruits later.

    be good na ngayon hehe.


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