Wonder Girls' "Nobody" Last Song Syndrome

Chris A. back here again with more random thoughts and this time it is about one of my favorite all-girl Korean pop band the "Wonder Girls", well I discovered this group from my students last September when I was teaching English to Korean kids.

Wonder Girls

The Wonder Girls in their "So Hot" Fashion: (From Left to Right) Yoo bin, So Hee, Sun Mi(at the Center), Ye Eun, Sun Ye

Ever since then I have been following the group through Youtube. I love them in "Tell Me"; adore them in "So Hot", and now stalk them at "Nobody" (Kidding with the stalk "thingy" there Hahahaha).

I have also let my two friends Dan and Alvin see this video here at the pc and I think they kinda like the group. So usually when we go out together in our regular gimmicks, I sometimes hums and sing a small portion (the English part) of the "Nobody" song.

Well if you haven't seen the video then get ready for a series of Wonder Girls' Nobody music and concert videos:

The Official "Nobody" Music Video (English Subbed)

Video source

Nobody Comeback Stage at M! Countdown (Oct 02, '08)

Nobody at M! Countdown (Oct 09, '08)


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