Getting Serious in Blogging

Well, if you thought I am already serious in blogging then think again. I have been busy the past few days doing my daily job which is usually at 8:00 in the morning to 12:00 noon, and slacking and reading Marvel Zombies Comics Series. Then slack, then surf and attend to my other internet social needs (facebook, myspace, tagged, and friendster ^^,) Then it is back to blogging again if I laziness didn't hit me.

The past few days (or weeks, perhaps) I have been so thankful and happy for the blessings that I have been receiving through my online job and the income I get from reviewing products and websites, and answering surveys then later posting them in my social network sites. The days of looking for a job suitable for my finished degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is officially over... (or maybe not) Now, with all the spare time I have i think it is now time to turn a new and better leaf. It is time to get serious in blogging, start making more noise here in the vastness of the blogosphere while earning money on the side and joining the leagues (hopefully) of popular bloggers and blogging icons (a new aspiration). So this is me, with my official statement where I will start creating more creative and buzz worthy posts (I hope not trash) or blog entries. My two blogs will work hand-and-hand (Life on a Pencil and CMAQUEST: An Entertainment and Magazine Blog) in delivering entertainment, information, global and local (Philippine) news, and more. So hope you'll be a part of this paramount aspiration of mine (I am starting to sound so melodramatic now). This is just the beginning of good things to come.

Chris A.

... And they say I'm a dreamer... who dreams the impossible dream... hope dreams are my reality... whadda?


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