On Vice Ganda on Anti-Bullying Fiasco on ABS-CBN's Showtime

Vice Ganda revealed his bare (cosmetic make-up less) face on national television in the Advice-Ganda segment of ABS-CBN's noontime show Showtime last May 28, 2015 to advocate anti-bullying. The ABS-CBN comedian shared the best advice he can give this tormented heavily bullied woman in her school - to accept and love who she is and what she looks like then proceeded to removing his make up.

If you are interested to how the whole drama unfolded. Check out the video feature from ABS-CBN's Aquino & Abunda Tonight here:

On Bullying

Bullying is a serious issue faced by not just children but adults alike. Bullying lowers self-esteem and confidence. It generally tend to make people feel inferior and uncomfortable with themselves which stems out a slew of problems with the worst case scenario depression which could then result to suicide. Society (now aggressively) frowns upon the act of bullying which is just and subscribed to by most people. People who are considered advocates of anti-bullying are now considered champions of the oppressed... people we cheer upon. Anti-bullying statements are now much stronger when it is said by notable public figures like celebrities.

On Vice Ganda's Brand of Humor

Those who trouble themselves (or helpless in) watching anything Vice Ganda, you'll have a general idea of what is his brand of humor, poking fun at the expense of others. You don't have to stray away to find this in action, just watch episodes of ABS-CBN's Gandang Gabi Vice to see his humor in action - usually poking fun of how the audience member (the "punch line") physically looks like. Heck he sometimes question the way the "punchline" behaves (gestures and mannerism), thinks and expresses (talks) him or herself. One can say but it is comedy and is subjective... but we can say that bullies are merely doing the act of bullying because they find the bullied to be funny or humorous.

People seem to have forgotten that not long ago Vice made a very questionable (and highly frowned-upon) joke that insults both the size of people (being fat) and (platfully belittling) rape. Well, guess that was probably not "bullying" but a simply is a bad joke; so subscribing to that, can bullies be merely bad jokers?

On The Irony of Vice Ganda's Anti-Bullying Fiasco

We now come to full circle with Vice Ganda's brand of humor which is laughing at the expense of other and bullies tendency to use humor to poke fun of others. Do you see the irony of this whole anti-bullying fiasco in Showtime? Well guess, I am not the only one who noticed this as meme's about Vice Ganda removing his make-up to give an ironic but "sensible" advice started circulating the social networks.

It is always good to watch and listen to people taking the side of the oppressed, to advocate anti-bullying; but we also have to be aware that in order for one to be a credible person to give such uplifting statements, he should be found in to have (little to) no faults in relation to bullying. Vice Ganda's brand of humor walks that thin line that separates jokes from insults. The big question is after this fiasco, will Vice Ganda's brand of humor grows up to be more intelligent or be the same ruthlessly poking fun at the expense of others?

How about you guys? What do you think about this whole television drama promulgated by ABS-CBN, Showtime, and Vice Ganda? If you are you a fan then are these criticism unfounded or uncalled for? Share your thoughts on Vice Ganda on Anti-Bullying Statement on ABS-CBN's Showtime in the comments section below:


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