What is AlDub and Why has ALDUB Trended on Twitter this 2015?

You just logged in on Twitter and saw a curious hashtag that has gained over more than 10 million tweets which included the keyword ALDUB and you might start to wonder What is AlDub and Why has ALDUB Trended on Twitter this 2015? People outside of its influence, today we'll answer that for you.

What is AlDub and Why has ALDUB Trended on Twitter this 2015

ALDUB is a combination of two names mainly AL and DUB. AL stands for Alden as in the Filipino celebrity (actor, singer, host) who goes by the screen name Alden Richards with a real name of Richard Reyes Faulkerson, Jr.. Meanwhile, DUB stands for Yaya Dub (directly translates to "Nanny Dub") a fictional character and persona created exclusively for a comedy-charitable segment called "Juan for All, All for Juan" on the Philippines longest running noontime show, Eat Bulaga!. Yaya Dub is played by an new rising television and online celebrity named Maine Mendoza with a real name of Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza.

Reasons Why has ALDUB Trended on Twitter this 2015

Maine Mendoza's Success in Her Dubsmash Video Series

Before becoming popular as Yaya Dub, Maine Mendoza first became popular with another technological fad called "Dubsmash". Dubsmash is an app in which people siyncs their lips and performance on a list of short audio files taken from movies, television, and music. Maine Mendoza's duubsmash video that she can now be deemed "Queen of DubSmashing in the Philippines". One can observe that Maine Mendoza is a naturally charming Filipina; a Filipina who is bold in making a fool of herself by making ridiculous faces. This is really nothing new (really) as this has been a formula of success of many comedians (in her case comedienne) and popular Youtubers. Her pretty face plus her boldness is what made her famous in dubsmashing and online. It was only then a matter of time before one of the two major rival Philippine television networks (ABS-CBN) grab a hold of her. In this case, GMA Network's Eat Bulaga won her over.

Maine Mendoza's doing a dubsmash of Kris Aquino in her official Youtube channel

The Power of Millennials and Social Network

Anything trends in social media as long as people interested in it keeps on talking about it. In ALDUB's case, it is all thanks to most Filipino Millennials (Generation Y) and even those in the older generation (Generation X Filipinos) who have now familiarized themselves with social media being allured by the charm of the on-screen television love team. Similarly, thanks to the "healthy" rivalry between GMA Network's Eat Bulaga! and ABS-CBN's It's Showtime, it seems that most fans have brought the rivalry online. Thus, fans from opposing end are tweeting (and at times hating) about AlDub and Pastillas Girl (It's Showtime's answer and imitation of AlDub). AlDub's phenomenal Philippine television and online success can now be traced on how well the the old and new media has united on this one. Eat Bulaga's creative team or social media team has embraced social media tapping in it's maximum potential... by uploading Eat Bulaga episode of the Kalye-Serye (Street Series) on Youtube and marketing it on various social media channels.

Eat Bulaga Kalyeserye Aldub trended on Twitter with more than 10 million tweets last september 2015

The social media power for Filipino Millenials was observed when the (hashtag) #ALDUBMostAwaitedDate trended on Twitter with more thatn 10 Million Tweets last September 19, 2015, Saturday, PH Time

ALDUB is on Eat Bulaga!

Eat Bulaga is the longest running noontime variety and game show in the Philippines that started from 1972 and still going strong as of the present (2015 as of the posting of this blog). On a relevant note, the noontime show has gained so much popularity that Indonesia has picked it up with Eat Bulaga! having its first overseas franchise with Eat Bulaga! Indonesia. ALDUB being on Eat Bulaga! greatly helped its popularity and in turn helped Eat Bulaga back to become more popular (worldwide) than it currently is. ALDUB has tapped the market of Eat Bulaga! and in returned receiving more viewership and attention. Eat Bulaga has struck gold with the AlDub phenomena.

ALDUB is on GMA Network Eat Bulaga - Reasons Why has ALDUB Trended on Twitter this 2015

Most Filipinos Love Rom-Coms

Most Filipinos loves an equal mix of comedy and romance which is probably why the romantic-comedy genre has became so successful and phenomenal in Philippine cinema in terms of box office; and television with viewership and tweets. The ALDUB is an on-screen love team which was developed when Yaya Dub's character was supposedly indifferent towards everyone around her and will just do her "dubsmash" gig only when her character calls for it. Maine broke character when the camera panned to Alden in one episode of All For Juan, Juan For All in and august 2015 episode and from then on, the love team was developed. In reality, AlDub is not that different from any showbiz love team that has become popular in recent memories, the only difference is that it has the power of the entire (GMA) network and its online counterpart to support it and so far it has worked for their favor (financially speaking that is with endorsements and advertisements; the lifeblood of television).

Reasons Why has ALDUB Trended on Twitter this 2015 - Most Filipinos Love Rom-Coms

GMA Network and News Coverage of ALDUB

Another factor on why ALDUB has become phenomenally successful in the Philippines which transcended to the "Twitterverse"is how aggressive the network covers the phenomenal Philippine noontime show on-screen love team of AlDub. ALDub is being mentioned and featured in showbiz segment and even by reputable news reporter/anchors even in non-showbz segment in GMA Network's morning news in "Unang Hirit", it's sister company (separate Philippine television network/channel) GMA News TV's noontime news program "Balitanghali", GMA Network's afternoon news program 24 Oras, and the late night news program "Saksi". The success has also spun 2 television advertisement which may now appear in other television networks.

ALDUB 1st Television Commercial in the Philippines - ALDUB's AlDub Ko To Mc Donald's Chicken Ala King TV Commercial

ALDUB 2nd Television Commercial in the Philippines - ALDUB's Talk N' Text TV Commercial

Probably one of the more head-scratching one as the network has seemingly focused all their media machinery in promoting and endorsing the noontime show's on-screen pair. Guess it was expected of any traditional television media and somehow confirms the what the thinking Filipinos perception of the mass media.

The ALDub on-screen love team is here to stay whether Filipinos like it or not. AlDub will still trend just like any video game, television, of movie franchise; if it works, it will be milked until the cow is no longer capable of being milked. There is really no sense in fighting over it amongst fans or no reason in hating it if you are not into it. It is what it is. Not long ago we have a similar fad in the form of Boy Pick-Up where alMOST everyone seems to make pointless pick-up lines and thought that Boy Pick-Up was funny but it eventually died a natural death; this may very well happen to the AlDub just like Guy and Pip, Vilma and Bobot, Angelu and Bobby, Judy anne and Wowie, Leah and Aga, Regine and Ariel, Richard and Dawn, and many on-screen pairs that came before it. Then we'll have a newer generation of on-screen couple replacing AlDub that will bring "kilig" to many Filipino who prefer escapism than facing the harsh realities brought by poverty, government, justice system, war, and politics.


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