Chris A's First Blogger Event in PAGCOR

Ahoy there again readers and bloggers (yes all two of you hahaha)! This is where I will tell my version of what happened in the ( hah!...breath deeply...) " Club and Bloggers Networking Event Manila" in PAGCOR held last October 25, that's a saturday from 7:00 to 11:00 in the evening at Forum Hall, Casino Filipino, PIRC Bldg. Ninoy Aquino Avenue, Parañaque City.

Well, basically I have covered the whole event (of what I could recall of it) on my post in CMAQUEST: An Entertainment and Magazine here which is entitled, " Aftermath of the Club and Bloggers Networking Event Manila in PAGCOR". I nabbed... oh! I mean grabbed the some of the photos from my old (he is still still pretty young, don't get me wrong) friend Azrael's ( Official Blog and Multiply page and that is what I used first in the CMAQUEST while waiting for my friend Vin to upload the photos we took from his digital camera. I finished the post at around 5:00 in the morning (yes! I am that kind of a blogger hehehe or a freak nyuk nyuk) and decided to call it a night (or day) and woke up at around 10:30 to do my regular obligation... "working".

It is a good thing that my friend Vin ( has already finished uploading and posting the photos in his flickr and site. So here are the photo-rich and side comment posts of my first Blogger event in PAGCOR.

This is Vin (The natural "photo addict") he is the one to blame for this late post hahaha kidding. I hope Dan was also with us to complete the "Terrific Trio". He didn't even upload the photos before we arrived at Starbucks 6750

Newly found Friends

We were (or is just I) were a stranger to such majestic events. I was eager to socialize but don't know how to, so (naturally I am an anti-social person hahaha joking!) like a vulture waiting for its meal I await for my food hahaha (what a lame example). Luckily, Tonyo (, and Ederic ( extended their hands to break the ice. They are really warm and accommodating people that is why I really look up to them especially that they are "bigatins" in the field of blogging. Teacher Gladys ( joined us in the table that made our table a noisy one (in a good kind of a way). Fatherblogger ( drop by our table and made a short chit chat with us and went back to his table when the event started.

Azrael's throne

This is Azrael ( in his throne hehehe. He is one of the coolest blogger, event organizer, and jack-of-all-trades master of many (perhaps) whom I met last year at KOMIKON 2007. He podcast (is that also the right term for it, so many questions X<) and provided live video feed to everyone through his blog.

Chris and Vin at PAGCOR

Of course, the day will not end without me strutting some poses on the camera. This is me up-close while Vin is  praying  (hahaha... not!)

Edric and Vin at PAGCOR

Edric and Vin attentively listening and watching  PAGCOR's impressive short presentation about their history and their mission... to turn everyone into a gambling zombies (joke! hahaha). Their ultimate goal (yet) is the Bagong Nayong Filipino which I think will put the Philippines as one of the hottest entertainment and gambling paradise ala Las Vegas.

Fellowship of Bloggers

...and thus the fellowship were born. They who will go to the inner depths of Mordor to destroy the Ring (accursed video) Hehehehe. This is the beginnng of the seminar which was going to be discussed by Ms. Janette Toral (

Chris A. and Lad

Me and my friend strutting a pose for the fans (hahaha electric fans)

Freebies From PAGCOR

I went to the comfort room to comfort myself (hehehe) and when I came back all of them had this bag and HIGH PROFILE magazine with a cd about PAGCOR. It's a good thing the one giving PAGCOR saw me before I transformed into a rabid Hulk hehehe. I got a red cloth-like bag nyuk nyuk nyuk (majority of them had white synthetic plastic ones) but it was short-lived as Tonyo asked if we could exchange bags. At first I was resentful but later gave in, he promised me for an exchange link for a month in his site... Now its payback time Tonyo! Hahahaha (kidding!)

PSP with camera

As the discussion and talks went on flashes of camera dominated the room. well, I will not be beaten to it but was later drooling at the site of my dream game consoles... psp being used as a camera. I immediately took a photo of Azrael and his psp with camera. I will have that one, maybe when he is all alone in a dark alley hahahaha XD

Vin possesed

Vin is up to his unusual habit again of picking anything and putting it up against his face hahaha. 

CMAQUEST, tonyocruz, edericeder

Me rubbing shoulders with the bigatins Tonyo and Ederic, Vin was behind the camera so expect no appearance from him at this shot hehehehe

Chris A and Ada

The very entertaining and "picture taking" (is that even an adjective?) Ada ( with me Chris A. 

with fatherblogger and janette toral

Here it goes, I hope I can recall them all (From Left to Right): Father Blogger, Tonyo Cruz, Ederic Eder, Ms. Janette Toral, Teacher Gladys, and Me Chris A.

with ada and sabrina

This time with Ada and Sabrina (in yellow) two lovely photographers and bloggers.

Ala-Emperador endorsement

They decided to have a toast here. I am not a fan of anything alcoholi in nature but decided to pose ala-Emperador endorser hehehe.

Chris the gambling lord

Free Double Your Money worth 300 pesos redeemable for that day alone was given to every blogger which can be exchange for chips to be tried on some casino and poker games downstairs. Because I am no fan of gambling, I've decided to just keep it as a souvenir. It was also thinking that it might be fun also being called chris the Gambling Lord nuh? hahahaha.

Chris at Azraels Domain

While the cat is away, the rat will take pictures of his bed hehehehe. This is me showing Azrael's table where he broadcast the whole event live on his blog. 

Reyna elena and sexy Mom

Me with Reyna Elena ( and Sexy Mom.

Chris A and Azrael

Chris A and Azrael Together again? Hehehehe Nice to see a good friend at the event.

The Merryland and the Quest

Chris the Pirate: "Arg! Ya done well Azi! We got the gold a'las" 

Azrael The Pirate: Indeed we have, now there is only one more space left in the boat, "who" will we dispose of? ...I mean, "what"...?

Hehehe Me and Azrael overexposed or underage(what the)?

Jehzlau Concepts

Us (already getting tired? hehehe) with Sir Jehz of Jehzlau Concepts (  the number one numbah one numbah one numbah onein list of top 100 filipino bloggers. wow! He isn't even competing! 

jehzlau cocept with mom

Me, Vin, and Ederic behind with Sir Jehz and his loving mom. Thanks Tonyo for being the one behind the camera this time.

Heyo Kitty and Reyna Elena

Three stoogies (peace Tonyo and Ederic) with the queen... Reyna elena and Heyo Kity (

Chris A thumbs up

the food deserves a thumbs up and of course, a second serving to dig in.

Chris A and Sabrina

Chris A with Sabrina Alajara ( 

With the pretty girls

Ada, Chris a., Sabrina, Vin, and Edric. One last photo before the girls left T.T hehehe.

with bakla ako, aj

Us with the proud and happy and gay Author of Bakla Ako, May Reklamo? (

Leaving PAGCOR

We call it a night and decided not to ride with the others in the shuttle back to Makati. It will take a lot longer time to commute home rather than just commuting at the very  reliable jeepney back to Baclaran and off to Dasmariñas, Cavite.

One Last shot

"Ei Vin! One last shot of me with PAGCOR. ....Nice!"

For the a more Formal View and Blow-by-Blow (ala-Boxing) style of coverage Check out CMAQUEST: An Bntertainment and Magazine Blog Here:

Aftermath of the Club and Bloggers Networking Event Manila in PAGCOR
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