What Keeps Me Grounded

Contemplating Time! Started to play a very melodramatic song entitled "It AkT Ak Mo" (Hehehehe). Here it goes.

This afternoon at around 2:00 in the afternoon(A Tuesday of October 28), rain started to pour (Wow! That's unusual hehehe) but it is not that strong just a steady stream of rain and wind which made the afternoon a perfect time to sleep or to enjoy "siesta" time. I am at my usual blogging and plurking pursuit (Check out my plurk here: http://www.plurk.com/user/cmaotaku) when the feeling of sleepiness hits me but instead I continued surfing the net until POOM! The electricity was cut and all i can say was "wat da puck?". Then in a split second, the lights came back, I was firuated and decided to go take a bath first ('coz I already stink hahaha). Instead of the going to the bathroom I grabbed a shampoo (I will not tell my "brand baka malaman nyu pa kung paanu naging silky smooth straight ang buhok ko" hahaha) and went outside to get drizzled by the puring rain (I can feel the acidic rain seering through my skin hahaha) and literally just walk back and forth in front of our house and feel the gentle winds hits my wet body (that sounded a bit dirty).

It made me contemplate... "I am so lucky to be able to feel how these drops of rain hits me, the wind gently cradling me. I am so bless to be still living." ... and nope I am not on drugs Hahahaha.

It made me think and ask, "What keeps me grounded?"

And why shouldn't I be on the ground? I am not a rich person. I don't have a car, nor our family have a two story building to live in, our house has no ceiling and can you imaginge how hot it is during summer(?), and we can't afford the many luxuries of life (before)... but we are still happy (I think). Mom comes home every 6:00 pm after she finish her "nanny job", my brother comes home at around 7:00 pm from his duties to the school to maintain his college scholarship, while me (whose into freelance writing spends my whole day in front of the pc writing and blogging), my sister (who is at home because of the sem break), and father (who has no jobs as of the moment but it is alright he had already spend most of his time striving for our education and this family) stay at home. Upon this known facts, there is nothing really that will make my head bloat lifting my feet against the ground. What makes me the same as yesterday and even back in my high school days is my being jolly and talkative (as my high school friends usually say that I haven't change a bit. so I answered "So, I still look young?", they replied "No, we are just referring to your attitude alone. it is still the same" hahaha) but this time I am more of an optimist rather than a pessimist. You should have seen me two or three years ago when I am full of qualms, remorse and complaints about my life which I was later enlightened that all things has its time and has a purpose. Everything will come to full circle in His time.

Aquino Family of San Luis I Dasma Cavite

This photo was taken back in April 2008 (after my Garduation) and it sure is a crappy shot hahaha but the people in it are not (I hope hahaha). This is my family who keepsmy feet on the ground or keeps me grounded.
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