The Super Bowl of China Bloggers Event (It's on The Philippines!)

Well, what can I say but this is a really late blog coverage post, and I am not talking about I am blogging this at around one o'clock in the morning, it's because this Super Bowl of China Bloggers Event happened back at December 02, 2008 but finally I am now able to post what happened that filling night of festive delight here at Life on a Pencil.

That day started with me receiving the confirmation from the Good People of Yehey ( that i was lucky enough to be included in this bloggers event by The Super Bowl of China and nope, it's not in China but in Trinoma hehehe.

I believe that I took off from our home at around 3 pm with the usual bus ride to Pasay LRT/MRT station. the traffic was a bit heavy during that time so I was able to arrived at the MRT Taft Station at around 6:30 which was a very unfortunate hour as it was the dreaded rush hour. I wasn't able to grab a comfortable seat and if I did (I think I will eventually give it away to some woman or old folks). So there I was standing and gripping on the bars to balance myself in the now moving train. station after station, swarm of people going home filled the train. I swear I can almost exchange faces with someone there hehehe.

Finally I arrived at Trinoma Mall (and forgot what station) and sent SMS message asking for directions. Trinoma is one spacey shopping mall and if you don't ask for directions you would surely be loss (nah! i am just kidding! hahaha) but the person I am "texting" (sending SMS text message - of course they know know that) also didn't know where "The Super Bowl of China" was. It all depends on me now, so I asked for directions and finally arrived at the venue.

super bowl of china in trinoma mall

The Super Bowl of China in Trinoma

yehey and the super bowl of china

Christopher Aquino at the Super Bowl of china in Trinoma

And thus I arrived!

yehey and the super bowl of china

Yehey presents the Super Bowl of China Bloggers Event

I entered the Chinese restaurant and was welcomed by the people of Yehey (who sponsored and presented the event). I logged on the attendance sheet and saw familiar and fresh faces (to me). I saw Sire, Carl, and Mark on one table whom I later joined. I saw Ada, Gab, Bong and other bloggers in another table and Jonel on the other.

Bloggers at the Super Bowl of china at Trinoma

Me, Ed, Sire and Mark

Bloggers at the Super Bowl Event

Carl's coverage of the super bowl bloggers event

azrael, mark, ed at super bowl of china bloggers event

life on a pencil at the super bowl of china bloggers event

Chris A., Sire, Carl


"Tripod"... Where did that came from? Hahaha

Mr. Roberto P. Vallar, Marketing Manager of Big Buddha Restaurant welcomed and presented us with he new dishes which the Super Bowl of China will be offering for its customers. There was also a bowl (not the one in the restroom) designing competition which will keep the bloggers busy while waiting for the meet "the chefs and see the process" kitchen tour for the event. The first one was called inside and I started to design my bowl. I am not that good in the colored "glittery" designing glue so I went with the blue, red, and black marker which eventually fades if something rubs against it.

Rob of Big Buddha

Finally, it was our term to see and meet the chefs and how do they whip up those delightful and scrumptious cuisines. That is my first time being into a prestigious kitchen of a Chinese restaurant (I once worked in two fastfood chains but it was nothing like that there except for the flames and the dishes hehehe).

Super Bowl Master Chef

The Master Chef was so generous to show us how hey do things in the kitchen

Fire at the super Bowl of china in Trinoma

The kitchen was steaming with fire, delightful dishes and cuisines.

Master chef of super Bowl of China Discusses

The Chef explained "We chef had risen up to a higher state of humanity. We can no longer feel pain. I'll show you" (Sticks his hand on the boiling oil) Everyone fainted.... Hahahaha just kidding.

tools and recipes of trade

The spices that makes up a delightful dish.

After that literally "hot and steamy" viewing experience we went back to our tables to finish up our bowls. Later, the food which was being cooked from before started coming and being served to our tables. Feasting time! Then with a very unfortunate luck that is the time the lens of my digital camera got stuck and obviously is unusable. I redirected my sadness to the food which liven up my night and kept me sane (and from bursting into paranoia and misery).

preparations of better things to come

While waiting for the main course and dishes to arrive, small "dinky" foods were offerred to us which was warning us that there are more great things to come.

Super Bowl of China Offering

Super Bowl of China Serving

All Hail the Super Bowl Feast

Food at the Super Bowl of China

After the very filling, delicious, scrumptious and meal, the food still kept on coming even if we can no longer consume it. If only I have an additional stomach or compartment to store those food in my stomach hahahaha.

After being gastronomically satisfied I started going from table to table to ask for theother bloggers URL and links to their page. I met new bloggers and got to exchange views on having an own domain in blogging and using free blogging domains. Finally the judges has decided on who have won the design your bowl contest, and (of course as usual) it was not me (I really have bad luck on competitions and the game of chance).

art materials for the design your bowl contest

Some of the materials in the "design your bowl contest"

Design Your Bowl at the super Bowl Bloggers Event

Design Your Bowl at the super Bowl Bloggers Event. Ooh! Ooh! I can see mine, its the bowl sketched in blue marker with word balloons ala comics blog.

Chris A with the great people of Yehey at the Super Bowl Bloggers Event

This is me and Carl with the great people of Yehey at the Super Bowl Bloggers Event. I recall something funny here which I will put to comics soon.

And the bloggers later called it a night. we were all happy and thankful to received special treat from Yehey.

Many thanks from Chris A.

Buh-bye Super Bowl of China

pinoy bloggers ride the mrt home

Thank you to Super Bowl of China and Yehey for the wonderful feast and opportunity.

Yehey presents the super bowl of china bloggers event

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