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Ahoy, again fellow bloggers, friends, readers, and passers-by. You are now at the new and improve Life on a Pencil (

So what's new with Life on a Pencil?

As you may see I have added more features and segments which includes Komiks Review which will be a series of reviews, recommendations, and suggestion on some of the many Philippine comics titles (whether mainstream or independent).

To help drawing skills develop which has been stagnant for a very long time, I have decided to add comics to my blogs which I would like to call comics-blog or "clog"

What the heck is a clog?

I made up this term back at November 27 when I am reading Sir Gery Alanguilan's Crest Hut Butt Shop Comics at Webcomics which featured a daily short comic skit about his life and struggles. Most of his comics are humorous but was later shifted to a more sadder theme which I dare not to say. He stopped making his daily comics at around June 2007. Then it hit me, he is telling his life through comics, and sometimes a short comics is followed by a description and supporting information behind the strip. Thus, making me come up with a "what if", what if this is another form of blogging which has not been fully aware of most of us. I tried looking for "comics blog" and "clog" on Google but the results have nothing to do with the unified meaning of "blog comics" I wanted to have. I am not saying I am the first "clogger", there are a lot of artists out there who I think have done this already but just called it as "blogs". If they derived VLOG which stands for Video Blog, then I think it is not a bad idea to have another word derived from it, which I would like to coin as CLOG or Comics blog, comics supported by a blog.

What is the story behind the word clog?

Doh! I knew I shouldn't place everything up there. Browse up to know the story hehehe.

Finally, I will call my "clog" as Life Comics which will feature my periodical rants, my perspective on certain issues, events, personalities and more with my usual witty side comments which I hope to be somewhat funny so, let me start off with my first CLOG entry this first Day of December 2008:

life comics 1.1 clog

I've tried my best (so far) to make my comics character up there to look exactly like me, but any who. This is me in the process of making Life on a Pencil into a Clog. The banners and screenshots behind the first panel is from the blogs of my fellow bloggers which I hope they don't mind me using it hahaha.

I haven't draw for almost a ten months and I am not that "pro" remember what I said in the past that I am a frustrated artist, well I try not to be frustrated anymore with my Life Comics Year 1 Issue 1 entitled as CLOG
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A Fruitful Aftermath of the Asian Business Expo 2008 Bloggers Talk

November 29 2008, a Saturday marked the first out of the three day event of the Asian Business Expo 2008 held in SMX Convention Center at the SM MAll of Asia Pasay City, Philippines. What made me cover this event is because of the Bloggers Talk and to show my support to the growing community of Philippine blogging community.

Well, you are a blogger and you are talking, what's the big fuss about it? (Yup this is me talking to myself again Hahaha)

The Blogger talk is all about the basics of Blogging and the opportunities which it may offer to an individual. The talk is a segment for the International Business Conference, and now like the usual here is my coverage (with me trying to be witty by making side comments) of the the Day 1 of the Asian Business Expo 2008

Asian Business Expo 2008 at the SMX Convention Center SM Mall of Asia

Christopher M. Aquino

thought you had enough of me ei? Well, you're wrong hahaha here is a self-photographed picture of me while on the bus going to Pasay City from DasmariƱas, Cavite. I was a bit at ease and felt that I will not be late for the event so I left the house at around 2:05 in the afternoon after I helped my father do our laundry and when we say our laundry, it means all five of our clothes from Wednesday to Saturday hahaha. So, if you have any laundries our restless hands welcomes you hahaha.

SM Mall of Asia's Globe

SMX Convention Center

It has been a while since I last went to SM Mall of Asia at Pasay City, so I am not fully aware of where the SMX Convention Center actually is (yes, that makes me a retard hahaha) so I attempted to disturb Azrael who I thought was already in SMX and asked him where exactly it is. It was a gamble because I know he is getting ready for his segment in the blogger's talk so I completely understood why wasn't he able to reply about my inquiry. It is a good thing that the mini-van or "fare jeep like thingy" passed the SMX Convention making my ever vigilant eyes marked it down and waited until it finally arrived at the hypermarket. I got out of the vehicle not knowing that it would still run all the way to the terminal near SMX, so I hiked from the hypermarket all the way to SMX (well, I am good with that because I am used to long walks).

Juney Uy and Edward Arevalo

When I first got in the event I immediately found Edward Arevalo and Jonel Uy (or was it, they found me first) as I wander aimlessly in the very spacy SMX. I hang around them and grabbed a meal at a nearby food stall which I later regretted because my transportation fare back home got cut out.

SMX Asian Business Expo 2008 stage

The Bloggers

After a while we went back to the stage where my fellow bloggers will be conducting their talk about blogging. I saw familiar faces like Azrael, Fitz Villafuerte, Misyel, Gerry Alanguilan (I am a fan of Sir Alanguilan's works especially "Elmer"), and Juned Sunido.

Chris A. and Gerry Alanguilan

Finally got a photo of me with one of my "idols" in the Philippine comics industry Sir Gerry Alanguilan. The last photo which I took got accidentally deleted (because of my clumsiness) back when I was editing my Komikon 2008 coverage photos, it's a good thing Sir Gerry was there for another photo opportunity. :)

large crowd but not for the bloggers

I've noticed that there were a lot of people occupying the chairs which was rather suspicious because the "Bloggers Talk" was not that properly commercialized and publicly announced to get these much audience. We later found out what the crowd was there for...

fashion show at the Asian Business Expo

Models showing off their elegance and fashion at the Asian Business Expo

young male models at the Asian Business expo 2008

young female models at the Asian business expo 2008

The crowd was there to support the young men and women who strut their stuff in a short fashion show segment at the Asian Business Expo stage. I couldn't recall the name of their school, but I guess that would also be fair because after the show, the models and the family didn't even stay a little while to hear what the speakers have to say... but I have to admit they provided a good show for us, the audience.

Azrael kicking of the blogger's Talk

Azrael ( stated off the Bloggers Talk by introducing what is a "Blog" and supporting information about it which includes reasons why people blog and actual blogger's definition of what a blog is. Here is a short video interview he showed at the Asian Business Expo:

Azrael at the Asian Business Expo

The video above can be found at Azrael's Merryland and back ground information about the speaker at the Bloggers Talk and Conference at the Asian Business Expo 2008.

Jonel Uy at the SMX convention center

Jonel Uy interviews at the Bloggers Talk and conference

Jone Uy ( discussed about Blogging essentials together with Edward Arevalo. His discussion revolved around Blogger's characteristics (personality) and some reminders of what blogger's should and should not "do" upon engaging in the field of blogging. Jonel utilize the full potential of the stage as he went back and forth and asked some unwilling audience.

Edward Arevalo at the SMX convention center

Music Picks at the Asian Business Expo 2008

Edward Arevalo ( and continued on elements of effective blogging. Ed's discussion delve more on visual styles and a blogger's personality and consistency.

Juned Sonido at the SMX Convention center

Juned Sonido at the Asian Business Expo 2008

Juned Sonido ( and discussed the best practices in blogging and what popular methods and strategies to keep your readers coming back for more of your blog's content.

Gerry Alanguilan at the SMX convention center

Gerry Alanguilan at the Asian Business Expo 2008

Gerry Alanguilan ( provides a very fun and witty introduction and information about Video Blogging or Vlogging. He even made a video blog about the event right there on stage. Check out the video below this post to see sir Gerry's Asian Business Expo 2008 VLOG coverage.

Asian Business Expo 2008 Bloggers Talk and Conference crowd

Sir Gerry also noticed the "numerous" people who stayed and watched the whole Bloggers Talk and Conference. We hoped that by next year that there will be more people attending and interested about blogging.

Fitz Villafuerte at the SMX Convention Center

Fitz Villafuerte at the Asian Business Expo 2008

And finally the last but not the least. The much awaited discussion of Mr. Fitz Villafuerte ( about how blogs and bloggers make money online. Mr. Fitz' talk tackles the different medium and ways on how to earn money from blogs. He left the audience with a good rule about blogging which somehow contradicts but is actually true about blogging and earning money through blogs:

"Don't blog because you want to make money. Blog because you have something to share."

Last few performance of the night at the Asian Business Expo 2008

talented individuals at the Asian business expo 2008

Pack up time

After Fitz, there were still some performances by a group of teenagers which includes a very upbeat dance number and two song numbers. Every packs up and ready to call it a night.

Chris A and Fitz Villafuerte

Edward Arevalo and Christopher Aquino

Junel Uy and Christopher Aquino

Azrael and Misyel Coladilla

And of course the ay willnot end without me taking pictures with the great people behind and "in front" of the Bloggers Talk and Conference.

SMX convention center asian business expo 2008

Thank you

It was a fruiyful evening of learning and socializing with my fellow bloggers. As we went out I looked back and saw the "Thank you" banner and thought, it is I who should be thankful for this fruitful learning experience from my new found blog friends and peers.

outside of smx convention hall

Juans Bistro Dining

Comics themed Philippine restaurant

Chris A at Juan's Bistro

read comics while waiting for food

scrumptious meatball spaghetti of Juan's Bistro

After leaving the SMX convention center they decided to dine and i believe that was around pass 9:00 in the evening. They have decided to eat their late dinner at Juan's Bistro a comics themed restaurant which serves great scrumptious food. My budget was limited because of the food i availed earlier but thanks to Azrael for treating me a very filling meatball spaghetti. Just put it to tab again Az hehehehe. Ed, Azrael, and Misyel have other venues to go to. They are going to cover the Musiklaband with Sepultura as one of the premiere band playing at the event. So after some more light talk, we decided (or should I... say I decided) to call it a night and went home.

For more photos you can see them here:
Bloggers Conference and Talk at the Asian Business Expo 2008 Aftermath

I leave you with sir Gerry Alanguilan's witty video blog coverage of the Asian Business Expo at the SMX Convention Center:

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In A "Sticky" Situation

Ahoy Again! Like the Revisiting the Dormitory Scare a comics skit I made back in 2005, this is one of those old jokes which I was supposed to contribute to our school publication (which never came to be. The school's management is corrupt I tell you!). This comics is entitled and "Pinag-iba" or "The Difference".

funny comics

*Click here to zoom in*


Panel 1:

Guy 1: Do you know what is the difference between a "booger" and Prince Charles?
Guy 2: What?

Panel 2:

Guy 1: Prince Charles is the "heir" to the throne, while a booger is thrown to the "air". TSUK! (and flicks the sticky thing he keeps on rolling between his fingers and hits Guy 2)

I referenced the guy 1 who plays with his booger to me hahahaha and No! I don't play that much with my booger (just enough XD) and the guy 2 is my dear old good friend Dan.
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