Detour: Island Cove Blogventure - Officially Excited

March 2, 2009 (Monday) - It is official yours truly is already a part of the Detour: Island Cove Adventure which is set this Thursday, March 5 at Island Cove here in Cavite. This is probably one of the major bloggers event I am going to be involved with this year so as usual am enthusiastic and excited about what will it be like. for details and list of other bloggers/participants you can check it out here:

island cove detour adventure

"On Thursday, March 5, 2009, thirty bloggerventurers will dash and splash in a whole day of sun-soaked, energized expedition to the shores of adventure!

Equipped with gears of maneuvers and strategies, these participants will embark on their mission to many Island Cove recreation offerings and diversion destinations that await them in this sportacular day!

Watch how these teams of courage trek the challenges in their pursuit to be the DETOUR: the Island Cove Adventure Winner!

Exciting prizes await the adventure seekers, for special task completions!

There was a discussion from different bloggers about this event earlier today which made some of the participants get excited, concerned and laughed at certain scenarios which might happen in the event. I am one of those who joined the ruckus and spoke my mind off. The only concern I had was swimming events because up until now I sucked at swimming. I really should have listened to my swimming professor back in college but well good luck to me.

I believe it is going to be an all-out (unless I drowned hahaha) whole day fun. An early Summer Treat for me and another first(to go to Island Cove) for me. Expect my take/coverage after the event.

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