A Twist of Traditional Philippines - The Tapas Filipinas Hermanos Deli Bar Experience

March 13, 2009 (Friday) - Was invited to a great bar with a twist of traditional Philippines. I am talking about the Hemanos Deli Bar, and here is my great dining and socializing experience:

hermanos deli bar

The Hermanos Deli Bar experience picks up with me and Lace on the bus from the Greenbelt Area going to Shaw Boulevard Area. After the bus drop us off at SM Megamall (yes, a couple of miles away from the designated place where we supposed to originally drop off), we walk until we arrived at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall to get a cab going to Hermanos Deli Bar but to our dismay, a long line of waiting taxi passengers welcomed us to that entrance of the mall. So we decided to ask for directions to the ever reliable nearby security personnel and we showed him the map to Hermanos Deli Bar

map to hermanos deli bar

Tapas Filipinas Hermanos Deli Bar is located at Hermanos
Unit 104, Bldg. C, Ortigas Home Depot Complex, Doña Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Tel. 706-4978

The security personnel was also a bit hesitant whom later directed us that the area was just nearby and we just have to walk pass through SM Megamall area. So, me and Lace decided to just trek from Shangri-La Plaza Mall to Doña Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center in Pasig City. What we thought was a quick brisk to the location turned out to be a long exhausting walk but once we got there it was all worth it.

welcome to tapas Filipinas hermanos deli bar

hermanos deli bar the list

After we logged in (and there are numerous of great food bloggers at the second floor by the way) we proceeded to the second floor and grab a table. Lace joined the other table where I saw Ronald Guanzon (a great photographer and blogger) and accompany him in the table.

Ronald Guanzon and Christopher aquino at Tapas Filipinas Hermanos Deli Bar

Later, Jonel Uy arrived and we offered him a seat at our table. After that the organizers who were also great bloggers officially welcomed us at Tapas Filipinas Hermanos Deli Bar by telling us about the newly established bar inspired by the traditional Spanish Era Philippines.

Here is a more comprehensive description about Hermanos Deli Bar:

tapas filipinas hermanos deli bar

It’s a cool evening in the 1860’s – Manila is in a calm but frenzied rush as the Christmas season beckons. Strictly exclusive restaurants are filled with pure Kastillas, as they feast on traditional Spanish food and wine. Amidst the flamenco music being played by guitaristas, chatter and laughter from frailes, oficiales and the who’s who in Spanish-controlled Manila society fills the air.

With the Church bells ringing in the background and elderly ladies reciting prayers to herald in the festive time of the year, the illustrados, mestizos and educados, middle-society Filipinos, and even indios gather together in their own private places, not only to celebrate the onset of the season, but to discuss aspirations, doctrines and plans of gaining liberation and independence from Spain. It may be in one of these gatherings that a del Pilar, a Lopez-Jaena or even a Rizal was a passionate participant in the whispered discussions.

Their table fare consists of Spanish sausages, meats and cheeses. They combine these with native Filipino delicacies such as longganisa, dried beef and carabao cheese (kesong puti) to produce sumptuous meals to go with their wines and native brews. They shared, bonded and dreamt amidst a unique blend of small dishes that can be termed as “Kastinoy Tapas”. Uniquely Filipino with a Spanish twist. Through these interactions, heroes are born, ideas are formulated and brotherhoods are established. Brotherhoods – brothers – HERMANOS!

Visit Hermanos Deli Bar Multiply Page Here:

about hermanos deli bar


about hermanos deli bar

owner of hermanos deli bar

bloggers taking photos at hermanos deli bar

explaining the history behind tapas filipinas hermanos deli bar

After the introductions, food was served and before everything else, the camera lenses had the first taste of these scrumptious cuisines before our taste bud did.

Dishes at Tapas Filipinas Hermanos Deli Bar

Cuines at Tapas Filipinas Hermanos Deli Bar

By the way, have I mentioned that the names of their cuisines are very much traditional Spaniards Era Philippines-like? Well, if not then here is a testimony of that:

going traditional spanish era at hermanos deli bar

the hermanos deli bar menu

delicious meal courtesy of hermanos deli bar

While taking some pictures and waiting for the rest of the dish to arrive, I asked Ronald Guanzon about some photography techniques because he is one great photographer. He enthusiastically guided me and taught me some basics oabout my digital camera settings and some essential elements of photography, and for that i am very thankful to you Ronald "RG" Guanzon of http://ronaldguanzon.com.

RG and Chris A. at Hermanos Deli Bar

After the camera got full with the pictures of those great dishes, it's our stomach and tastebud's turn to have a piece of heaven on Earth.

tapang usa de katipunan

My taste bud also liked this "Tapang Usa de Katipunan". My first time to eat deer meat and actually loved it. It has this smoky after taste but overall it is quite a scrumptious meal.

karne de la patria adorada at hermanos deli bar

My favorite cuisine on Tapas Filipinas Hermanos Deli Bar, the "Karne De La Patria Adorada". loved how it melted (alright! I chewed)

dishes of the night

After a while, Azrael finally arrived from the press screening of the new Filipino made animation "LAMB". Andrea Manzano or a.k.a. Andi9 just arrived right after he did. Azrael also told us that the young pretty host of the internet and blog-friendly show QTUBE was also at the press screening of LAMB probably covering the event as well.

Azrael at Hermanos Deli Bar

Taking pictures of Bloggers at Hermanos Deli Bar

christopher aquino at tapas filipinas hermanos deli bar

I also take a few shots of the bloggers as they enjoyed the warm feel and the cuisines of Hermanos deli Bar.

All smiles with andi9 and Chris A.

After I got stuffed, I went downstairs to see how was the interview of the Qtube team to some of the chosen bloggers to be probably be featured on this week Qtube. You can catch the Tapas Filipinas Hermanos Deli Bar Food Bloggers meet on Qtube, a show dedicated to the Philippine Internet Industry this Thursday at around 10:00 - 11:00 pm.

Christopher aquino with QTUBE host Andrea Manzano

This is yours truly Chris A. with Qtube's host Andrea Manzano of Qtube. She also entertained and talked to the bloggers. We congratulated them for a successful first episode last March 5, 2008. More power to their show and hope it keeps on getting better and better.

Later that night QTUBE also shoot a taping for their episode this Thursday at Tapas Filipinas Hermanos Deli Bar. We already left after some few moments and maybe will see the final product of it this week on QTV 11.

Owner of Hermanos Deli Bar with the QTube Hosts

The bloggers posted one last group photo as a remebrance of a great night of socializing and dining at Hermanos Deli Bar.

Bloggers at Tapas Filipinas Hermanos Deli Bar

Me, Azrael, RG, Lace, and Jonel got a van and called it a night. One of the most fulfilling to the taste bud dining and blog experience. Thanks to a night on Tapas Filipinas Hermanos Deli Bar, where bonding with friends is added with a twist of traditional Philippines.

Tapas Filipinas Hermanos Deli Bar Dining Experience

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