Acobay: A New Social Network Where Sharing Is Everything

I've stumbled upon this new promising social networking website called Acobay where sharing means everything.

Trying out Acobay myself I find it interesting because it provides a more interactive community where people can talk about their interests rather than just merely adding each other up. It is a more interest oriented social networking site where you add "stuff" which can be anything of your interest and review it for online people to see it and probably have a discussion with the people who have the same "stuff" as you do. Check out their Movie Network where you can see movie reviews people has added and how Acobay members feedback on it. Share pictures of your beloved pets (Pet network), favorite (Book network), your dream or current car (Auto network) see people with the same interests upload theirs and have a healthy discussion about them. Try out Acobay and gain more online peers with the same interests because in Acobay sharing is everything.

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