4D Summer Blogger's Event in Enchanted Kingdom - Reliving the Magic

June 04, 2009 (Thursday) - It has been a couple of days since I last have the spirit to post my past bloggers event but now I am back (again) with renewed blogging spirit and more Phillipine bloggers event coverage and here is one of the event that rendered me incapable of blogging in the past weeks (probably with overjoy and exhaustion) ladies and gentlemen my take on the 4D Summer Blogger's Day at Enchanted Kingdom...

bloggers at the 4d summer bloggers day at enchanted kingdom

This Enchanted Kingdom Bloggers Event happened last May 10, 2009 (Sundayday). Yours truly got invited to the list of bloggers who will try Enchanted Kingdom's latest features like the 4D Discovery Theater and the Magicalympics.

Chris A at Enchanted Kingdom bloggers event

The day started out with me living early from Cavite to go to the rendezvous point for the bloggers at SM Makati at the Parking Area 4 in front of Intercontinental Hotel. After some waiting I think I'm one of the first to arrive because by 8:00 I was already there versus the 10:00 am call time (It's better early than never, so to speak). Most bloggers were still recuperating from the blast they had the day before that from the iBLOG 5 Summit at UP Diliman which I failed to attend to. After ensuring that almost all the bloggers were already there the EK (Enchanted Kingdom) people gave us a go sign to board the van heading back to Region IV Laguna.

Bloggers on the road to Enchanted Kingdom

Chris A. on the road to Enchanted Kingdom

At around 12:15 pm the van arrived at Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa Laguna. After some picture taking at the front entrance of the popular amusement park in Laguna the bloggers then entered the registration areas where the "tools" needed for the days event where handed out...

bloggers tool for magicalympics

Chris A all geared up for enchanted Kingdom Magicalympics

Yes, yours truly already wored and was all geared up for Enchanted Kingdom Magicalympics. This is me singing "I'll never gonna dance again..." some twisted inside joke from the Controversial Hayden Kho and Katrina Video Scandal Hehehehe

Our first stop was the newest Enchanted Kingdom attraction, the 4D Discovery Theater which feature Journey To The Center of The Earth in 4D and when they refer to it as 4D we never knew that the experience will be "that" realistic. Realistic in the sense that we could actually feel the water or air that is being shown in the 3d movie screen (everything is perfectly synchronized which makes it four-dimensional). A promising new attraction in enchanted Kingdom that is worth trying.

Chris A outside the 4D Theater

This is outside the 4D Discovery Theater in Enchanted Kingdom with me goofing around at the dinosaur replica from The Journey To The Center of The Earth film.

After that we were directed to a restaurant inside Enchanted Kingdom to have our lunch. We passed by some nostalgic rides along the way and could not help but to take pictures of them...

Enchanted Kingdom Space Shuttle

Enchanted Kingdom's Space Shuttle too bad it was closed for the day but maybe we were lucky it was.

Enchanted Kingdom The Wheel of Fate

Enchanted Kingdom's Wheel of Fate brings back those high school field trip memories

Finally we ate lunch and presented with the days agenda and an activity for the bloggers. Enchanted Kingdom now offers team building activities like the Magicalympics which is a series of activities ala Amazing Race using the park's local rides. Each teams were given individual colors, and ours was orange. A short game to set the mood of the game was played where each team should pick an animal to represent their teams. After choosing what animal, they must use a sound their team's animal to call other teams. The team must call the other team's animal sound twice which in return the receiving team will shout their team animal sound thrice and later calling twice the animal sound until the next team. Our teams animal sound was "WAAAH!!!" (Feel the Thunder!) from Po of Kung Fu Panda. Well after that energizing game we headed outside and the firs tasks were given.

bloggers lunch at enchanted kingdom

schedule for 4d summer bloggers event at ek

Joriben, chris A. and Jonas of team orange in bloggers magicalympics in enchanted kingdom

Me with fellow team orange members Joriben and Jonas Dieago

I focused more on the game so I left the picture taking to the rest of the orange team. so there are no pictures of the actual Magicalympics but will make a separate entry on how did the event went.So let me hit the fast forward button to proceed to the last part which is the awarding of the winners.

team blue won the magicalympics in enchanted kingdom bloggers event

Team Blue won the Enchanted Kingdom's Blogger Magicalympics

After that final event we were given a free time to try out more rides until the last event which is the fireworks to mark the end the event. Me, Jori and Azrael decided to try out the very relaxing and majestic Wheel of Fate.

joriben on the wheel of fate

Jori on the Wheel of Fate

Azrael on the wheel of fate

Azrael on the Wheel of Fate

Chris A. on the Wheel of Fate

Chris A. on the Wheel of Fate

enchanted kingdoms wheel of fate philippines

Here are some great view from the top of the Wheel of Fate:

view from the wheel of fate

view from the wheel of fate in enchanted kingdom philippines

anchors away in enchanted kingdom

We also tried the very exciting and scream draining Anchor's Away

roller blades ride at enchanted kingdom

We rejoined some bloggers at the roller blades mini roller coaster ride of Enchanted Kingdom. We repeat the rid two more times before going to Eldar's Tent for the Theater Play there.

We passed some couple more attractions and took some photos and snacks before going to Eldar's Tent for the play...

chris a with the face

azrael in the gaming area

cute stuff toys

play at eldar's tent

We arrived at Eldar's Tent with the play almost half way finish. The play for the day was entitled Journey to Another World Enchante' Under the Sea.

Journey to Another World Enchante' Under the Sea at eldars tent

gia gomez and rita iringan

Rita Iringan and Gia Gomez of Journey to Another World Enchante' Under the Sea in Enchanted Kingdom

After the entertaining play we had the chance to take pictures with the stars of the show...

rita iringan and chris a.

Rita Iringan, former Pop star Kids champion. see how fast they grow, all beautiful and all talented now. Didn't know she's into theater now.

Gia Gomez

Lovely Miss Gia Gomez with your truly.

chris a. is shellfish

I have to admit i am actually a "shellfish" hahaha

We decided to try the Ice Monster where they offer frozen delights but before we ordered the fireworks started so we went out to take a look...

ice monster at enchanted kingdom

fireworks at enchanted kingdom

majestic fireworks at enchanted kingdom

mark cerbo, azrael coladilla, and joriben zaballa

Eating at Ice Monster wit Azrael, Mark Cerbo, and Joriben

watermelon shake

I ordered a watermelon shake and it actually tasted like watermelon wahahaha what else could it possibly taste like wahahaha

After that sweet brain freezing eating delight we headed back to the parking area and call it a day. thanks to Enchanted Kingdom for the fun-filled experience. For reservations and more information about the their amusement park you can head over at their official website at...


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