Memories of an Icon - Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

June 26, 2009 (Friday) - I woke up with and read a text message from a friend that the Michael Jackson died from a cardiac arrest at the age of 50. I was a bit skeptic until I saw the news myself. I am not that big of a Jackson fan but I share some interests in his music like the rest of us.

Michael Jackson died from cardiac arrest at the age of 50

Some of my favorite music from the King of Pop includes Smooth Criminal, Billy Jean, and Thriller which was are all included in the Michael Jackson's Sega Genesis game, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker.

Michael Jackson's sega genesis game michael jackson's moonwalker

This is one of the game cartridges I had at around 1999 to 2002 in my Sega Megadrive game console...

One would never thought that some gaming company will try to make a game out of a singer's music but somehow they were able to pull it off. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker for the Sega Genesis features Michael Jackson on a quest to rescue a group of children abducted by a diabolical villain named Mr. Big.

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker for sega genesis

The gameplay features Michael's signature dance moves to attack the thugs, zombies, aliens, and other creatures who aids Mr. Big in the abduction of the children. Michael Jackson uses his fedora (the type of hat Michael Jackson uses) as a boomerang to knockout the enemies. Holding the attack button long will make him spin and become invincible but with a price, his health which eventually depletes the longer you hold the attack button. Once the button gets release, it will make him throw his fedora, the longer one holds the button and finally releasing it will make a longer fedora boomerang radius. Hold the button long enough (until it reaches Jacko's health at a critical level) and releasing it will unleash a hypnotic dance move which will make the enemies dance with Michael Jackson who will later die (probably they can't keep up with the King of Pop's dance moves). See for yourself in this gameplay video:

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Gameplay Video

Michael Jackson's sega genesis gameplay

I wouldn't want to spoil you about the game but you can still try to download the emulator and rom online. Owning this game is one of my most fondest memory of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and then there is his music.

His art and passion will not be forgotten by the music industry and the billions of Michael Jackson enthusiasts out there. The Moonwalker has left for his final flight.

Michael Jackson's death

"Michael Jacskon's music shall live on
and the artist shall not be forgotten"

Yahoo Philippines Report on the Death of Michael Jackson

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