The Manny Pacquiao Effect: How One Filipino Could Affect a Whole Country

Manny Pacquiao has once again proven his supremacy in the field of boxing as he recently won his eight world boxing title on his bout with Antonio Margarito. If you are looking for an in-depth coverage of the Pacquio-Margarito fight, then you might have better luck somewhere else because this is a personal perspective and analysis on the "Manny Pacquiao effect" in general.

Manny Pacquiao with the Philippine Flag

There is always this sense of pride amongst Filipinos and Filipinos-by-heart everytime Manny Pacquaio victoriously overcomes his opponent in the boxing arena, acquiring a new world record making title along the way. This alone can unite a people of various walks of life, belief system, and all sides of of the political and military spectrum in the Philippines. Everyone seems to route or cheer for Pacquaio, except for those who gambled by betting some hefty amount of cash on the opposing force, well guess what, you lose!

So what can a Manny Pacquiao fight do to the Philippines and Filipinos in general? Here are some of the Manny Pacquiao Effect:
  • The crime rate in the Philippines drastically drops. Funny how even the most vilest of criminals and scourge to society have tendencies to just take a rest and route for a Philippine boxing icon like Pacquiao versus another country's representative.
  • The usually heavily congested road traffic transforms into a seemingly deserted road which can only be seen on ghost towns. I personally testify this as I gave the Pacquiao-Margarito fight a pass to meet some friends over the weekend. I just know at the back of my mind that he will win the fight which he did, and the news would definitely be all over the place on his victory later on which will extend for the next week or so (probably until he comes back). I was amazed how fast I was able to go from our home to my friend's meeting place at a local mall. There were only a number of vehicles traversing that usually busy Sunday road, for it was a Pacquiao fight Sunday.
  • A Pacquiao fight is probably the best time do make business. Local vendors specially benefit from a public screening of a Pacquiao fight. There are the local restaurants, bars, hotels and clubs which also provide a Pacquiao fight live screening (thanks to PPV subscription, a nice investment if I may add) which in return will make a profit for them. Even telecommunication company like that of the PLDT myDSL WatchPad rides such hype by offering a livestream coverage for interested subscribers. Then there is one local television company which cashes in on the fight by showing a way delayed Philippine telecast of the Pacquiao fight, and they make money by advertisements which takes longer than the actual fight. It's business people.
  • Non-sports fans are later converted into a boxing loving fans (well, at least if Pacquiao is on it) which in turn can bring enthusiasm and focus back to the now fading and neglected industry of sports.
  • The Philippines is starting to get the international recognition it truly deserves as Filipinos starts to make a big difference in the international entertainment, art and sports scene... one in particular is that eight world boxing title holder from the Sarangani Province, Philipppines.

Overall this is a nice way for Pacquiao to portray and sell himself as a hero of the masses. He already infiltrated the congress, with millions of dollars of winnings from each title matches, whoc would dare think of a leader such as the caliber of Pacquiao to ever commit corruption in public office. This then make him a potential head of state for the Philippines, and maybe that is his ultimate goal. Just my two cents on it. Let's just hope that if ever that come to fruition, we won't see any of those "pambansang aninos" pulling his political strings.

Manny Pacquiao as President? Why not, most Filipinos chose Erap Estrada and Noynoy Aquino in the past right, so why exclude Pacquiao?


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