The Detour: Island Cove Blogventure To Remember

March 5, 2009 (Thursday) - is the day where the Island Cove Blogventure happened and as the popular rap song in the 90s say, "and it goes a little something like this..."

island cove binakayan kawit cabite

Christopher aquino at Detour Island Cove Blogventure

My day started with me waking up at around 5:00 in the morning which only indicates that yours truly is excited (and not ashamed of it hahaha). I just logged in and plurked a little and prepare to go to the event. Fast forward to several hours later at around 7:15 in the morning I am already at the Petron Gas Station near the Welcome Dasmariñas and rode a bus going to Lawton.

detour Island cove blogventure

Dasmarineños Route To The Province

Dasmarinas Cavite to Island Cove Binakayan Kawit Cavite Route

Ride a bus (if you wanted the airconditioned bus) going to Lawton or Pasay (doesn't matter beccause you are only going to drop off at SM City Bacoor) along the Aguinaldo Road. You can also take a jeep going to Baclaran, and SM City Bacoor.

Dropping off at the SM City Bacoor Area. Walk to the right side entrance of the mall and cross the street. Look for Taking a mini bus and ask the driver if it is going to pass Island Cove, then ask the driver to drop you off at Island Cove. And you are now there.
island cove welcome

- End of the Route To the Province -

bridge to island cove

I've arrived at around 8:15 in the morning and was in dumb mode again upon arriving there. I tried calling some of the bloggers but their phones just kept on ringing so I've just decided to approach the security officers and ask for directions. I was redirected to another security officer who entertained my questions and kindly welcomed me inside the Island Cove. I walked the bridge still clueless on where to go because the bloggers haven't really arrive yet that time, I think they have just left The Fort that time.

Welcome Bloggers to Detour Island cove Adventure

I've decided to call Az who was also around the area and gave me the number of Miss Cancan. I texted her and she told me to go to the Sangley Point and I saw the people of Yehey. Jonski welcomed me and just waited for the rest of the bloggers to arrive. 10-15 minutes later their van arrived and which made the halls of Sangley Point Restaurant a lot "jollier" (Woah what a term!).

jori, sire, leira, carl, fitz

sponsored by yehey

After we help ourselves with the buffet, Lazlo oficially opened the event by introducing the people of Island Cove and the lined up activities for the day. They also raffled up and draw who will be the leaders of each group who will lead in the rest of the blogventurers in the game/race that afternoon. Here are the leaders of each team:

blogventure team leaders

After a few minutes we were introduce to our tour guide which will help us get acquainted around the resort. We toured various of places inside the Cove like and tried jotting down essential information which we thought was essential (but was not hahaha) to the race that afternoon. We toured at some of the locations at Island Cove.

way signs

From 11:00am to 12:00nn our tour guide help us get acquainted with the ins-and-outs of the Island Cove capturing some of the photos here:

floating huts in island cove

After having lunch Yehey representatives officially announced that the game will start at around 1:30 in the afternoon. After all the preparations where done, everyone rallied at the Island Cove Hotel where the leaders were asked to take the starting positions. As soon as they announced "Go!", the leaders grabbed the first clues which will lead them to the next.

island cove cafe

starting point

leaders go

The leaders consulted with each of their members to figure out what the first clue means, luckily we have figured it out and rushed in the second floor of the hotel trying to open each doors hoping that the survival kits and the colors where there. I opened the second door and saw a red bag and immediately went down and showewd it to the rest of my team mates. We place the red flag in the reception are which indicate that we completed the first challenge. They've given us the next clue for the next challenge. after reading the clue, we know where we are going... Cavite Hall.

cavite hall sack race

Upon arriving at Cavite Hall we immediately saw a number of sacks lined up side by side and at a distance a couple of monoblock chairs. We showed the stamped cards, which indicates us passing the previous challenge and they immediately gave us the next clue which instruct each of us to do a "sack race-like" kangaroo jump around the chairs. Teams started catching up on us but we still managed to finish it. Upon completing the task, the marshal gave us the next clue.

fishing village bridge to the huts

Wat da... this iz a mizteyk!

I read the instruction and interpreted the "floating huts" indicated in the clue as the huts in the Fisher's Village, so me and Montsch dashed towards the Fisher's Village. Well, one thing is for sure, we were wrong. The girls and the team marshal jonski called our attention and we may have misinterpreted the clue. I was doing Homer sompsons "Doh!" for misinterpreting it and ran back this time towards the Floating Pavilion. This time two teams where already at the next area.

floating pavillion hunt

floating pavillion hunt

Upon arriving at the next challenge area we didn't see any marshals, or have missed them because of the other players scouring the Alapan Pavilion. Montsch saw that they were looking for a half mask so he looked for one. We then consulted a marshall and showed our cue cards, Montsch arrived with a masked in his hands which they told us that we should have consulted them first. So Montsch surrendered the mask and we read the next clue. It says find the half end of the mask and minutes later we found another mask again. They gave us the next clue and we know that it is going to be in Sangley Point Restaurant.

sangley point mark

Chris a eating like there is no tomorrow

We rushed to the place where a name of a Philippine President can be found. I recalled the second floor of the Sangley Point Restaurant from the tour and rushed to the second floor and was confused because there was a conference being held (and it's a good thing I didn't barged in hahaha). They've called me downstairs upon their arrival and I've missed the spot downstairs where the eating challenge is. What await us are covered bowls and glasses indicating something diabolical might be concealed in one of them. They've checked our stamped cards (well it is not really stamped but "stickered" with a small green piece of paper hahaha) and gave us the instructions and that is that the group should chose one member who'll pick one bowl and glass of mystery stuff and eat it. I decided to do it and was hesitant what to choose but the "heck" i just pulled two mystery objects and opened them. Luckily it is just a Chili con "Chicken Intestine" dish and a cold cafe latte. No utensils where given so we ate it using our hands and boy, was I a big mess when eating that saucy dish. At the middle of it, I started feeling that I'm gonna vomit as the raw taste of the intestine reigned over as the sauce got sucked up. What I did was just flushed it down my throat using the latte to cut the time chewing and avoid the yucky taste. Teams also started piling up and we immediately dashed to the next destination after completing the task.

island cove oceania point

oceania slides with chris a.

We immediately identified that the next place of the challenge is the Oceania Area. The next challenge is about 2 players sliding down and pushing two other members on a kayak. Mommy was left to document while Abbie and Earth were the ones to board the kayak. Me and Montsch took the blue slide and slid down to fulfill the challenge requirements. Everything was going well until the part when I can't seemingly find out my slippers. It was funny because I left it up the slide and was not able to recall it, dang my memory loss wahahaha. Thanks to the lifeguard at top of the slide the infamous slippers were returned to the clumsy owner and we read the next challenge which has something to do with large squares and a game. aha! The giant chess board!

motsch pawns

so you are the giant king eh

island cove giant chess board group pic

We saw the team members of Carl running towards the same direction so what I did was ran ahead of them making us the first one to try the challenge which only ask us to show what move of the chess piece we acquire from the draw bowl. Montsch presented to be the one who'll do the challenge and he draw the "Knight". So he grabbed the knight and made its move and we are off to the next challenge which is about performing but "not dancing"... then it is singing!

island songs family ktv

Earth sings I will survive

We dashed towards the direction of the Island Songs Family KTV but before going there I tripped because my slippers loosened but I immediately fastened it back. We waited until the other members arrive, when everyone was there we showed our stamped cards and was opted for a singing challenge but according to the challenge there was this special prize for the team with the highest score. I didn't mind it because I think there might be better singers than us so we just enjoyed the song "I Will Survive" sang by Earth. after that really long song she scored a 99% ... Excellent! I was fired up because we got a pretty high score. We only hoped we were the highest. Next stop is the Animal Island and finally there will be bicycles to aid us in completing the task, until...

attractions at animal Island signage

unexpected injury

I started feeling pain in my right leg. The muscles started contracting, my ankle and toes straightening up (My toes up til my knee are like those of a performing ballerina, but with pain wahahaha). I was so excited to ride a bike or even drive mommy noimi towards the next challenge area but the pain was unbearable. To worsen things up my left leg started feeling the same as well. Cramps or spasms, whatever you call it was sure painful. Oh! how I missed the feeling of pain from spasms wahahaha (yeah I'm a masochist... wahaha) The next challengewas a couple of pedals away. I was attended to by Laslo and other Yehey Team member. Laslo stretched or was it bended by my ankle to its natural angle. I remember a painkiller in the medicinal bag inside the survival kit. I only take one and it eases the pain a bit. As much as I wanted to walk, I can not. I was ashamed because mommy Noimi was supposed to be the one being drove through a bicycle to the next location but because of the spasm I was drove off by Earth to the next location. Making mommy and Abbie walk the burning heat of the sun and the heat of steaming out of the land. We still have to wait for the others in order to take the challenge. Carl's team was already done with theirs and was waiting for the TRAM or electronic vehicle/van. When all the team member arrived I took the challenge to have picture with the baby crocodile and the task was done. Our group and Carl's waited for the van as it took minutes. By that time i was slowly recovering from the pain but was walking like Robocop. When the TRAM arrived we requested if we could join them and consulting with the rest of the Yehey Team, they suggested that we ride together.

papa croc and baby croc

It was the last challenge and one team is already in the finish line, and all of Carl's team member were still a-ok so I accepted the fact that we will only be in third.

Island Cove's Electrical TRAM

fishing village bridge to the huts

me the fishing villager

a view of the Manila Bay from Island cove

The moment the tram stopped at the last destination, the Fishing Village everyone was so fired up well except me and mommy who were last to walk towards the last point. Which marked the end of the race. We were declared the third to arrive but were still subjected to change after all teams have arrive and if any violations or deductions should be made.

red team at third place

We relaxed and let our body rest at the hut reserved for each teams. We backtracked and talked about the things, this time all slowing it down, discussing the different experience of each members. At the end of it, we were still all thankful for the wonderful experienced that Island Cove and Yehey have given to us.

We took a short dip on the pool at Oceania for about half an hour. We were immediately ask to dry up after that half of an hour because of the special guest and the closing of the event.

Gilbert Remulla one of the owners of island cove

Each team were awarded and was recognized for doing their best after the short remarks of the Managing Director of Island Cove Mr. Gilbert Remulla. He left us with a promise that the event will not be the last and it will probably be an annual event. Let's just hope it will because this is one of those memorable and unforgettable experience of true sports and camaraderie.

What followed where a series of photo op:

Featuring each teams:

Blogventure Team Snapshots

Blogventure Team Snapshots

Blogventure Team Snapshots

blogventure team snapshot

blogventure team snapshot

our team snapshot

Featuring two of the most gorgeous bloggers on the face of the Filipino blogosphere:

lucky me with jane chua and hannah villasis

..and the bloggers who've made the Detour: Island cove Blogventure a Success

bloggventurers group pic

After that we bid each other a farewell, and boarded the Van. This time I hitchhiked until SM Bacoor and from then on commute back to Dasmariñas, Cavite.

A funny think also happened to me that time, as you all remembered I am still reovering from the spasms so I tend to walk very slow like I was a robot of some sort. I decided to take a jeep back home since the buses were all filled with passengers. I prompted to board a jeep by waving my hands but the jeep passed me a couple more walks. I tried to sprint but pain suddenly struck my legs so I walked slowly again. The conductor of the jeepney driver (because I was sitting in front of the vehicle) asked me "Bakit di ka tumakbo?" ("on why didn't I run"). I laughingly said "Eh pinulikat kaya ako manong, tapos papatakbuhin ninyo ako? Kayo kasi eh ang layo nyu kaya magparada." ("I've got a cramps and then you'll ask me to run? Next time don't park the jeep that far.") Oh well, it was one of those laugh out loud momments, so I just rested my weary body and waited until I arrive home. A Detour: Island Cove blogventure to remember.

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