Here and Back Again This 2013: First Blog Post for 2013

Ah how fast time flies. One moment I was wondering what new blogs will I push for 2012 and then the next thing I know is that the year has ended. It has also not been a good year for CMABLOGS as I have been inactive in the later half of the year. Basically I still blog, but not here. I generally focused my attention on my other blogs, mainly CMAQUEST, Pinoy Movie Blogger, and Retro Pilipinas. Unfortunately work got in the way, but I am not complaining I love my new career as an outsourced Game Master. I got to work in the gaming industry and finally know what it is like behind the scenes. I planned to start a blogging series last year relating to my new career, but eventually work and gaming schedule conflict got in the way. Hopefully I can juggle my schedule playing, working, and blogging this 2013.

It was not long ago, 2007 to be precise that I started blogging for the sake of earning a little. after a series of trial and error, I finally got it and eventually infiltrated the local blogging community thanks to mainstream commercial bloggers who I met in the past years. I learned a lot from that experience and thankful for everything. As much as i enjoy attending blogging events and sharing experiences and new stuff from such events, we all need to eventually prioritize what matters most... family and personal growth. So cheers and here is to a more active blogging this 2013. Catch me blogging and check out updates on my blogs :D


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