On Contributing for LionhearTV: A Writing Stint and Experience on Doing Local Showbiz Articles

I have been writing for a local entertainment website called Lionheartv since January 26, 2016. It is quite an interesting experience and feeling to be part of something big; bigger than my blogs that is. Lionheartv is bigger in a sense that it has higher readership and community of 'followers' compared to my blogs; even if they are all combined. Majority of Filipinos loved Philippine entertainment 'news' and most of the times to fault.

Filipino Blogger Christopher Aquino Contributions for Lionheartv CMABLOGS Life on a Pencil Feature

People connected with me in my personal social media account and Twitter account knows I am usually indifferent towards what happens in the Philipine showbiz, so I also find it quite ironic that here I am doing showbiz pieces. Well, people need to make a living and this is currently my main project, so I got to lived with such ironies. As much as possible I try to inject a little bit of my usual critical self in most of the usually trivial (for me and Philippine society in general) showbiz "news" article handed to us, the writers. Well, I am really not that indifferent as back then I made a piece about Vice Ganda with On Vice Ganda on Anti-Bullying Fiasco on ABS-CBN's Showtime which I once again revisited with my Lionheartv article "Comedy at the expense of others, ‘bullying’, and Vice Ganda." There are some things that needs discussing, more important that feuding ex-lovers, something that reflects and concerns society. Mass Media has been the pink elephant in the room on its hand in shaping up the collective consciousness of the mass.

Some of the Lionheartv articles I have contributed and proud to share here includes the following:

(1) Amidst Sen. Sotto statement, AlDub is still getting politicized
(2) Is Tito Sotto hurting the public’s perception of “Eat Bulaga?”
(3) Emotional Tito Sotto temporarily leaves “Eat Bulaga;” asks Dabarkads’ support
(4) Aiza Seguerra reacts against Manny Pacquiao ‘Same Sex Marriage’ statement
(5) Reelectionist senator Tito Sotto, “Eat Bulaga,” AlDub, and the 2016 Pangasinan Political Rally
(6) Manny Pacquiao quotes and deletes bible verse on ‘Gays Put to Death’
(7) A Look into the Social Media Backlash regarding Vice Ganda’s Opinion against Manny Pacquiao

There is also an article I made which I hardly consider to be a proudest work, but find it really "interesting"; for lack of a better word. In my article "Fans Clash and Petition to Disqualify Maine Mendoza from Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2016," I had a "fascinating" "luxury" of encountering some passionate AlDub, Lizqueen, JaDine, and KathNiel who are at each other's throats. You can check out the article at how I handled it for more information. The funny thing is that in Twitter, some fans are reacting negatively even if they haven't read the article which in reality is skeptical about the whole matter. Ladies and gentlemen the best of what fandom has to offer (NOT):

Philippine celebrity fans against Chris A article

I am still currently contributing for them as of the writing of this article. This is probably the main reason why I was able to do more updates and articles there, than in my actual personal blog. Every once in a while I make an exemption and update 'Life on a Pencil' especially if it has something to do with the things I am passionate about, secularism and freethinking. I have been doing a series of Editorial Reactions which I will be making a regular segment/section here at 'Life.' Well, I have been more active with my other niche blogs, mainly Retro Pilipinas and Pinoy Movie Blogger, but that will soon change as I am slowly going to the direction of full-time blogging. I really appreciate my experience writing for Lionheartv.


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