Taking a Swing at Full Time Blogging and Online Presence

It was not long ago that I happen to stumble upon the wonderful world of blogging. The initial motivation was to make money out of it, but along it came learning; that one can't d it without having something good to offer - that content was 'king.' From then on, I started to learn the ropes of what I should offer outside money making from blogs. I later toned it down to give way to content and the readership. It was a series of trial and and error. My experience gave birth to a series of blog that I am proud to author right now.

I initially started with CMAQUEST (http://cmaquest.blogspot.com) which by then was categorized as personal, and later becoming more of a "mixed bag" or a 'general' blog. Later on, I separated my personal stuff to give CMAQUEST more of an 'entertainment' niche. This is when this blog, Life on a Pencil (http://lifeonapencil.blogspot.com) came to be. Since discovering that niche blogs have more special viewership and can be a source of specific audience, I later made two other blogs which I am able to create quality content without having a hard time; on things that I am passionate about.

I later made Retro Pilipinas (http://retropilipinas.blogspot.com) which is about anything the past mostly shows and pop culture that I grew up with hoping to resonate with a number of people online. Thus, the target demographic is anyone in nostalgia who suddenly remember somethings of the past; the Throwback Thursday people. I have also been managing the Retro Pilipinas Official Facebook Page in which you can LIKE or FOLLOW for updates when you are in social media.

I also made Pinoy Movie Blogger (http://pinoymovieblogger.blogspot.com) which is all about Filipino movies, movie trailer impressions, and actual movie trailer reviews. The mindset I had when I initially conceptualize it was to help celebrate and promote the local movie industry. To also be critical about it and help it improve. With the fascination over international films, why can't we build fascination of our own here. Pinoy Movie Blogger has also been doing well in terms of viewership and its social media following, you can LIKE and FOLLOW the Pinoy Movie Blogger Official Facebook Page for news and updates.

I have also done some writing stint. I have become a contributor at Flip Geeks with an article entitled ""


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