A Night of Delight Part 2: My Clog Shaked with TV5's "Shake Mo! Blog Mo!" Bloggers Event

This is Part Two of The Night of Delight December 10 Bloggers Event and this time it is from Chilis Bar, Greenbelt 1, Makati for the Shake Mo! Blog Mo Bloggers Event held by the people of TV5 (Philippine TV network formerly known as ABC5).

Welcome Bloggers To Chilis

All Hail the Overgrown Chili

All hail the overgrown and supersized Chili... hahummmm

The story starts up at around 8:30 as a group of Bloggers consisting of Sire, Jonas, Gab, and Chris bids farewell to the Red Ribbon Cake Tasting Event for Bloggers. They finally rode a taxi heading to Chilis Bar at Green Belt 1 in Makati. While in the taxi, the bloggers discussed about the mythical "elite bloggers" and if they exist or not... we just laugh and fooled about the topic. After a half hour drive we finally got off the taxi and went to Chilis Bar with Jonas Diego bidding us a farewell for he has other appointments to attend to. So it is only the three of us now... Gab, Sire and Me.

TV5 Event Blog Friend

Azrael, Sire, Lace, Chris

We finally got to point A to point Z (it's really kind of far) and saw Fitz outside together with other Bloggers and mentioned that the event was already over (sigh) but ensured us that the bloggers are still inside, and thus we entered the festive and very lively (for a late night) environment of people dining and chatting. We approached the table where Azrael (http://azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com), Lace (http://suzakulace.blogspot.com/), Carl (http://thewebmagazine.blogspot.com/), and Ed (http://blog.edarevalo.net/) are. I also saw some of my known blof friends and acquainted with new ones like Ada (http://adaphobic.com), Mica (http://micamyx.i.ph/), Jehz (http://www.jehzlau-concepts.com/), Trixie (http://ktrix.blogspot.com/), Aerin (http://www.irisaeirincollections.com/), Coy (http://thisiscoy.net/), Winston (http://www.batangyagit.com/), Montsch (http://www.techsterr.com/), Nan (http://nansantamaria.aminus3.com/), . Those are some of the bloggers (in the TV5 Event) I got acquainted that day, if I forgot to mention you here, please inform me.

We talked about what happened earlier and in both events (Red Ribbon and TV5 Event), and met some cool people from TV5 (Luigene, Myk and Yoanna). The TV5 People are really accommodating and a warm bunch of people. I admired the effort of TV5 (overhauled network station) for getting the feedback and inviting us (the bloggers) over. After some light drinking (*gulp*), we waited until TV5's The Evening News a.k.a Ten were there will be a segment which will feature the TV5 Bloggers Event. That is the first time I saw bloggers watched news together in one venue (eventhough they are not fans of watching news)... and a'las! The Bloggers Event was on the top 3 of TEN and everyone was all smiles and cheers.

Chris A explains

This is me explaining to Luigene what blogging is and the opportunities derived from it. And yes my eyes turn yellow when explaining hahaha

Chris A drunked?

I may look drunk but i am not! hahaha that's my regular face wahahaha

Bloggers at TEN

TEN's SideTracked from Coy Caballes on Vimeo.

TEN's Sidetracked Blogger Segment Video is from Coy Caballes TV5 Bloggers Event Coverage - Here -

Bloggers watching TEN

After a few minutes later, everyone called it a night and decided to leave for home... of course there are still last minute photo op outside of Chilis but that was not the last part of my Night of Delight Coverage...

lifeonapencil at tv5 bloggers event

We missed the appearance of TV5's main reporters. Oh well, there is always next time.

k-okay cmaquest

Christopher Aquino on TV5 Shake Mo! Blog Mo!

Bloggers photo op outside Chilis

TV5 Bloggers Event at Chilis

Bloggers outside Chilis

Finally, the Part 3 of A Night of Delight... The Bloggers Conquered the Baconator

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Kudos to my fellow Bloggers fro letting me use their TV5 Bloggers event coverage: See the rest of their photo coverage here:

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