A Night of Delight Part 1: Tasting The Coffee Walnut Bavarian Holiday Cake

December 10 of 2008, a Wednesday marks one of my most delightful food experience for the year of 2008. First of is the Red Ribbon’s Coffee Walnut Bavarian Holiday Cake Tasting which happened earlier at Red Ribbon in Eastwood City, Libis at around 7:00 in the evening.

Red Ribbon's The Coffee Walnut Bavarian Holiday Cake Tasting

Well, first things first. The story behind how I came to knowledge of this event. My good friend Azrael (http://azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com) pointed me out to Jayvee's A Bugged Life Blog (http://abuggedlife.com/) and once I saw this event, I immediately signed up because it is going to be another great event together with my friends in the blogging community, plus the great food and latest coverage to update my CLOG.

On with the journey...

Route from Dasmariñas Cavite to Eastwood City Libis

I am not a big fan of traveling around the Metro, clubbing and nightlife during my college days, plus the fact that I am miles away from Quezon City, so it is another new experience for me to travel from Dasmariñas, Cavite all the way to Red Ribbon in Eastwood City Libis, Quezon City.

"if my "old friend" is reading this post now, I believe he'll remind me again that I shouldn't have put this information in my blog, because other people will probably think of me as a "probinsyano"(a person from the suburban province) and a stupid for not knowing these known hotspots. Well, like i always say to him, i have nothing to hide, if that is what they think of me then so be it. I am just being true to myself and to my readers."

After I finished the doing the family laundry from Sunday which took me til 2:00 pm, I immediately took a shower and fix up for the Coffee Walnut Bavarian Holiday Cake Tasting in Red Ribbon Libis. Thanks to azrael for helping me out with the directions... I have been looking for information regarding the route from Dasmariñas Cavite to Eastwood City, Libis in Quezon City, but I couldn't find a single reliable result.

So for people from Dasmariñas Cavite and beyond Region IV this will be my route from Dasmariñas, Cavite to Eastwood City, Libis Quezon City.

(1) Ride an air-conditioned bus (I prefer this) with a signboard Cubao, Ortigas Ilalim in the main bus stops in Dasmariñas Cavite's Aguinaldo Highway. Ask the conductor to drop you off at Robinsons Galeria in Ortigas. I've experienced heavy traffic at around 5:00 pm (a time which the road in known for being jam packed with various vehicle due to heavy traffic and the rush hour) which took me until 6:00 before I was able to arrive at Robinsons Galeria.

(2) In the right most, side of the Robinsons Galeria ride either a jeep going to Rosario or a bus to Cainta (I prefer you go with the jeep to save some fare and time) and ask the driver to drop you off at I.P.I., i don't know what I.P.I. means but a man seating beside me in the front seat of the jeep told me that the quickest way to Libis is not from Rosario (because it was a couple of kilometers away) but at the I.P.I.. He was also headed to Eastwood City so he accompanied me, and crossed the other lane and sidewalk to ride a jeep with the signboard of Cubao in it. I asked the driver to drop me off Red Ribbon but I think he didn't hear me, the Good Samaritan told me that he will point where the Red Ribbon Libis is. Once the jeep drove, he prompt me to where the venue for the cake tasting and I happily and sincerely thank him by tapping his shoulder and saying "Salamt ng marami, manong" ("Thank you very much, mister") and drop off in front of the venue where the Coffee Walnut Bavarian Holiday Cake Tasting will take place.

I first met up with Gab (http://www.flipclan.com/) whom I got acquainted back at the Yehey and Super Bowl of China Event (which I haven't posted yet but will soon do after these posts). We chat and chat for a while, we talked about the TV5 loggers event which he said he is also included but can not attend due to personal businesses and appointments. Later, he asked me if I want to go to that TV5 Blogger's Event at Chilis in Glorieta 1, but I answered that I don't have any invites that's why i am not going. He assured me that it is going to be okay so i say yes because muy other blogging friends are there as well. Later, Sarah (http://journal.sarahcada.com/), a fellow blogger whom I met through Jori last Clear Black Night Halloween Party, and thus we are three on our table. I saw some familiar bloggers from another table like Brian Ong (http://brianong.blogspot.com/) and Tiffy (http://tiffy.i.ph/) of Manila Foodistas (I don't know if they know me, but I surely know them just on the face, haven't really talked to them). I also saw Ms. Maki (http://www.makieduardo.com/) with the camera she use to pull out those photo masterpieces, I got to know her on plurk, and Jonel Uy(Let's Go Sago http://letsgosago.net). Arpee (http://arpeelazaro.blogspot.com/), whom i got to know and befriended over at plurk. I also saw Edelweiza (http://www.edelweiza.com/). Sire (http://yourmajestysire.blogspot.com/) came a bit late and thus we are four in the table. Jori (http://joriben.blogspot.com/) also came a bit late. he is one of my good 'ol blogging friends. Saw Sir Juned (http://baratillo.net/). Saw The Magic Man Marcelle (http://www.mistervader.com/) who looked a bit stressed but still bursting with energy. Sir Jonas (http://hellomictest.blogspot.com/) entertained us with his witty remarks and creativity. Well, that was a long list of bloggers whom I know as of the time being and hope to link other bloggers in the upcoming events.

Jori, Sire and Chris A

These are two of my good blog friends. Sire and Jori. Photos courtesy of Jonel Uy from his (Let's Go Sago http://letsgosago.net).

At around 6:45 pm the bloggers (who includes me) started flocking the small buffet table. Some of the food served in the event was a very scrumptious Carbonara, the cute yet semi-crunchy Chicken Lollipops, and Palabok. The refreshments were given by the ever courteous waiters after we have selected our beverage of choice. I picked four seasons. After some time, we were summoned in a small presentation hall where they showed as a small presentation of what does Red Ribbon has in store for everyone this Holidays. Featuring the Tat-ta-dah-da-dah... Coffee Walnut Bavarian Holiday Cake.

Coffee Walnut Bavarian Holiday Cake Tasting

They started serving small slices of the cake to the Bloggers inside the room. The cake looks delicious as I saw it on the table from before and now they are serving it, my sweet tooth started going crazy and wanted to have my share already. soon enough it was there the ever so creaminess and sweetness of the Coffee Walnut Bavarian Holiday Cake. I wasn't sure if it is okay to eat the cake because the Red Ribbon People asked us to wait for the cake toss (did I got the spelling right XO) but some Bloggers already munched on it, but the toss was still continued and finally we had the opportunity to taste the sweetness of the cake in our tongues.

Bloggers at the Red Ribbon Event in Libis
Bloggers Group shot in Red Ribbon Blogger's Event: (From Left To Right) Me (Chris A.), Jori, Maki, Jonel, Gab, Sire, and Sarah. (Links to their sites are provided earlier.)

Like the usual photo opportunities after the other can be seen inside the venue. Sadly my cmaera is still broken so I grabbed some photos from Jonel of Let's Go Sago to document some of my appearances (of the missing link) in the cake tasting.

A raffle draw was started inside the presentation room and lucky for me (Wow! That's a first!) that my name got called up as a winner of a box of Coffee Walnut Bavarian Holiday Cake! Yehey!

FYI: I am not lucky with raffle draws and the game of luck and chance so whenever something like this occurs I get excited and overjoyed... also am very thankful.

We (Gab, Sire, and Sarah) went outside the presentation room to accompany Jori on the table and were served our second serving of cake and the special coffeee with Kahlua.

It's already around 8:15 and we decided to now proceed to the TV5 Shake Mo Blog Mo Event which started at the same time as the Red Ribbon Libis Event did. We bid farewell to the other bloggers and got frustrated a bit with taxis zipping past us until finally a taxi stopped. Me, Sire, Gab and Jonas Diego went to Makati for the event which was a fun 15-30 minute drive from Quezon to Makati....

Next is the Part 2 of A Night of Delight... The TV5 Shake Mo Blog Mo Event
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