Fishing The Market For a Bountiful Catch! The Fish & Co. Experience

March 12, 2009 (Thursday) - Yehey whipped up another delightful to the taste buds event for the bloggers together with Fish & Co.. But it was not all gastronomical delight, there was also this particular activity...

The bloggers Fish Story

This is my side of the story. My fish "Fish & Co." Story

Like the usual my adventure starts from home leaving Dasmariñas, Cavite. So as usual here is my...

A Dasmarineños Route To The Metro

Dasmariñas, Cavite to Shangri-la Plaza Mall

From Dasmariñas Town Proper take the bus going to Pasay MRT/LRT area and drop off at the MRT Taft Terminal. Take the train and drop of Shaw Boulevard Station just before SM Megamall and Ortigas Avenue Station. Once you get there you can't miss Shangri-La Plaza Mall because one of the exits of MRT Shaw Boulevard Station is directly to Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Ask the courteous security personnel on where is the Fish & Co. Restaurant and they will direct you there.

- End of the Route To the Metro -

I left Dasmariñas at around 12:00 nn to avoid getting stuck with the traffic. I think that two to three hours is just the right adjustment time to reach any destination in the Metro but luckily it only took me about two hours to get to Shangri-La Plaza Mall. I've arrived at the mall at around 2:00 in the afternoon and was one hour earlier so I decided to roam around and window shop a bit.

By 2:30 to 2:45 I've waited outside the Fish & Co at the 2nd Floor for other bloggers to arrive and accompany me inside (mes wants to bes withs peers hehehe). Abbie and Edel arrived whom I go with in Fish & Co. We were welcomed by the Fish & Co. staff and was redirected to their reserved room for the bloggers. After a few more minutes, bloggers started to populate the spacey room.

Fish & Co. reserved room for the bloggers

bloggers at fish & co.

Prior to this event, we received that there will be a platting activity. Each group have been given a country to represent and will uniquely plate the dish based from the country they were assigned to. We were also asked to gived the necessary ingredients we will use in order to make a successful plating. I've emailed them on what I've researched from the worldwide web on Indian dishes.

japan team in fish & co

I've got assigned to India together with Azrael, Lace, Leira, and Omar. Each group members were given a sash with the country's name in it. Almost everyone felt like a beauty queen when they wore the sash, which includes the boys hahaha, just kidding.

Fish & Co. Bloggers with sash

See? What did I tell you?

Minutes later, Laslo of Yehey called our attention to officially start the event. The Marketing head of Fish & Co. also briefed everyone on the history and the branches of Fish & Co..

about fish & co

Finally, Lazslo has unveiled the surprise of the day. We will be given around 45 minutes to buy and set up the ingredients for our country's plating. No wonder why I didn't see any of the ingredients as I emailed. It made me think that Yehey has this habit of making bloggers run and do activities (not that I consider it a bad idea or anything, rather I think it's rather cool).

I left my camera at my bag and decided to go on with the shopping at the department store at the ground floor. Az continued taking photos and videos of how we scour the market for Indian ingredients and elements which will make our plating Indian. A woman ask me inside the department store if what are we doing, because we still wore our sash and was obviously rushing to get the ingredients. "Are they for a school activity?" the woman asked which I later find funny and entertaining which only means I still looked like I am still going to college hehehe. I explained that it is for a game/activity for a restaurant and courteosly left them to join my group mates.

Jona and Toni of Yehey where also with us when we are done and were going back to fish & Co.. We joked around my leg referring to the leg spasm experience I had from Detour: The Island Cove Blogverture. finally when we arrived back at the fish & Co. the bloggers where already in their tables getting busy with platting.

bloggers platting

Fish & Co Platting time

Our group started platting as well

The "platting masterpiece" of each group were as follows:

Indian Platting by bloggers

Our Indian-inspired Platting

Philadelphian platting by bloggers

Philadelphian Platting

Japanese platting by bloggers

Japanese Platting

malaysian platting by the bloggers

Malaysian Platting

platting by bloggers at Fish & Co.

Judging the plates at Fish & Co.

After a while Lazslo interviewed each team and asked what is the name of the group's platting and why. Omar whipped up a very good story behind our country's name like Vishnu's Blessing (correct me Omar if you're reading this). Moments later, Yehey and Fish & Co. team chose the team who won as the most aesthetically appealing platting... and the winner is the Philadelphian team:

Philadelphia team at fish & co.

Meals where served after the awarding, some dishes took almost forever but they were worth the wait. Here are some of the many desserts and cuisines they offer...

Fish & Co. shangri-La plaza mall

scrumptious meal of Fish & Co.

fish & Co. Seafood Pizza

desserts at fish & co.

delicious meal at fish & co.

desserts at fish & co

I find myself stuffed after all those cuisines and desserts. A gastronomical delight indeed. We hanged out a bit and socialize as usual and later calling it a night. Another great event hosted by Yehey in partnership with Fish & Co. Before leaving Fish & Co., I noticed this statement which every dining establishment should follow:

desserts at fish & co

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